I Had Back Pain That Would Not Go Away

I am a single mom of a three year old boy. I also live in an area where I do not know a lot of people yet. That means that when something comes up, I usually have to take my son with me because I won’t find adequate care for him in time otherwise. When I had to go and see a Concord chiropractor, I had no choice but to take him with me. The staff assured me that he would be okay to be in the room with me when I was being examined.

I really did not have a clue what was wrong with me other than an intense backache that was not getting any better. I had tried all the typical things such as icing it up, applying heat to it either with a heating pad or a rice bag that my grandmother made me, taking mild pain pills, and even having a massage done in hopes that it would work out some kinks. Continue reading