I’ll Never Need Back Surgery

The San Francisco chiropractor who fixed my bulging discs and made life worth living again also saved me from having a potentially dangerous surgery. I come from a family with chronic back problems. Both parents suffered from back issues throughout their lives, but my father really had the worst experiences with his back pain. We lived out in the sticks back in the 1960s and there wasn’t anything like a chiropractor around. Dad served in Korea so he had to rely upon the VA for his health care. What a disaster that turned out to be.

They loaded him up on painkillers, which he got addicted to because no one back then really thought about things like that. Then they said they could only help him if they did a surgery on his back. He agreed because he had no other options. Continue reading

A Car Accident Made Me Take Things More Seriously

As someone who is a safe driver and had never been in a car accident before, it was a shock to be in a major accident by the time I reached my fifties. I guess I just didn’t think about it being a possibility anymore when I had no issues for so many decades. After I got out of the hospital, I still needed to do rehabilitation treatment. Separately, I made regular visits to a chiropractor in Cumming GA after each of my rehab treatments. It’s been six months, and I feel pretty good now. I am lucky that I made it out of that bad accident alive.

It has always been important to me to not drink and drive, always wear my seat belt and pay attention when I am on the road. Not only have I always wanted to keep myself safe, I have never wanted to be responsible for hurting anyone else either. Continue reading

I Had Back Pain That Would Not Go Away

I am a single mom of a three year old boy. I also live in an area where I do not know a lot of people yet. That means that when something comes up, I usually have to take my son with me because I won’t find adequate care for him in time otherwise. When I had to go and see a Concord chiropractor, I had no choice but to take him with me. The staff assured me that he would be okay to be in the room with me when I was being examined.

I really did not have a clue what was wrong with me other than an intense backache that was not getting any better. I had tried all the typical things such as icing it up, applying heat to it either with a heating pad or a rice bag that my grandmother made me, taking mild pain pills, and even having a massage done in hopes that it would work out some kinks. Continue reading

A Bulging Disc Caused Tingling Problems

I work in an office where I am sitting a good bit of the day. When I started to have tingling down my arms, my doctor told me that it was likely due to my computer work. He told me to take more breaks, and he also showed me some hand and arm exercises I could do. While that did help me in general, it did not take care of the tinging at all. If anything, it was getting worse. .I decided to see a chiropractor in Sacramento after I put my symptoms in a search engine and came up with a lot of chiropractic articles.

I do have faith in my doctor, and I know that he did all the proper steps to diagnose what was wrong with me. What he told me did not work though, and I was getting worried that the tingling might end up causing me permanent damage. Continue reading

Great Chiropractor Services in Beverly Hills

I have been to see four different doctors, and none of them has been very helpful with this issue. I guess maybe I should give some info on the issue before just going on to start bashing how useless doctors can be in some situations. I actually haven’t had a lot of luck with doctors being useful throughout my life. Anyway, before I get into all of that, I am going to say that I am looking for a good Beverly Hills Chiropractor that might be able to help me out with some issues that the doctors do not seem to be able to help me with.

I am pretty tired right now, because I have not been sleeping well at night. It is hard to sleep through the night when your back really hurts. It is a constant struggle for me, that is for sure. Continue reading

I Need to Find a Salinas Chiropractor

I just got back from the doctor’s office and they still do not know if I am going to need surgery on my knee or not. Obviously they have to wait for the swelling to go down and they do not think that they can get good imagery until it does. I have been trying to figure out which San Rafael chiropractors are going to be worth trusting, because my back is not getting better and something is going to have to be done to change that. If you know how that stuff works, then you should realize that a wise person is going to be afraid of a chiropractor. More to the point he is going to be eager to really figure out whether or not the guy knows what he is doing before he lays down on that table and lets him do it. They are in the business of moving the vertebra around to try to get them where they are supposed to be relative to one another. Continue reading

A Natural Way to Eliminate the Pain

I am the type of person who won’t even take an over the counter pill unless I am in excruciating pain. The last time I took one was nearly three years ago for a toothache. That is why I decided to see a chiropractor in Santa Rosa when I started experiencing some back pain. It rapidly got to the point where it was painful for me to sit in one spot for very long. My doctor ordered X-rays, and he could not see anything that was wrong with my back. He suggested narcotic pain pills to help me with the discomfort, which I did not want.

Instead, I started looking at the different chiropractors in the area. Continue reading

He is Helping Us with Migraines

My friend used to get the most horrible migraines. I had never had one at that point, and she told me that the pain is just not even describable. It hurts to have your eyes open, but it hurts to have them closed too. Light hurts, but darkness is not much more comfort. The only thing that helps is time. At least that was the case until she saw a Santa Barbara chiropractor for an unrelated visit. She had fallen and hurt her back, and she was referred to this chiropractor.

She had to fill out forms before being seen since she was a new patient at the time. One of the things on the form was information about migraines. She was able to tick every box in that section, and the chiropractor talked with her about her painful headaches. Continue reading