A Bulging Disc Caused Tingling Problems

I work in an office where I am sitting a good bit of the day. When I started to have tingling down my arms, my doctor told me that it was likely due to my computer work. He told me to take more breaks, and he also showed me some hand and arm exercises I could do. While that did help me in general, it did not take care of the tinging at all. If anything, it was getting worse. .I decided to see a chiropractor in Sacramento after I put my symptoms in a search engine and came up with a lot of chiropractic articles.

I do have faith in my doctor, and I know that he did all the proper steps to diagnose what was wrong with me. What he told me did not work though, and I was getting worried that the tingling might end up causing me permanent damage. I was also worried that it might make it to where it was almost impossible for me to work. It was already slowing me down some at that point, and I could not afford for it to do that any longer.

When the chiropractor did a physical exam, he told me he wanted to take some X-rays of my neck. He found a bulging disc there, and he told me that was the cause of all my tingling. He told me that he would be able to help me with it, but that it would take multiple visits. I had no problem with that. I just wanted the tingling to stop. It took about six weeks before I felt completely normal again, and I have had no problems since I had the adjustments done. In fact, I actually feel better than I have in years, and I have encouraged my own family to go to the chiropractor too.