A Natural Way to Eliminate the Pain

I am the type of person who won’t even take an over the counter pill unless I am in excruciating pain. The last time I took one was nearly three years ago for a toothache. That is why I decided to see a chiropractor in Santa Rosa when I started experiencing some back pain. It rapidly got to the point where it was painful for me to sit in one spot for very long. My doctor ordered X-rays, and he could not see anything that was wrong with my back. He suggested narcotic pain pills to help me with the discomfort, which I did not want.

Instead, I started looking at the different chiropractors in the area. While I had never been to one before, I knew enough about them to know that they are more about natural healing. I figured they might be able to come up with something other than narcotic pain pills to make my life less miserable. After looking at the the websites of several chiropractors in the area along with reviews by locals who had gone to them, I finally picked out the one that I felt was the best in the area.

I went there two days later after talking with them on the phone. The delay was just because I had to get some time off work first, otherwise they would have seen me the same day I had called to make the appointment. The chiropractor was very thorough in his examination, and I felt comfortable even before he had me lie down for an adjustment. I wish I could say that the pain instantly went away, but it did not. The good news is that it did not take too many more adjustments before I finally felt comfortable though. I am just glad I found a natural way to eliminate the pain!