He is Helping Us with Migraines

My friend used to get the most horrible migraines. I had never had one at that point, and she told me that the pain is just not even describable. It hurts to have your eyes open, but it hurts to have them closed too. Light hurts, but darkness is not much more comfort. The only thing that helps is time. At least that was the case until she saw a Santa Barbara chiropractor for an unrelated visit. She had fallen and hurt her back, and she was referred to this chiropractor.

She had to fill out forms before being seen since she was a new patient at the time. One of the things on the form was information about migraines. She was able to tick every box in that section, and the chiropractor talked with her about her painful headaches. He did treat her for her back issue at first, which was easy enough to do. The pain was not horrible for that, and a simple adjustment took the pressure away, making the pain disappear too. The majority of that visit was about her headaches though. He told her that he would be able to help her with them, but she was skeptical at first.

Even though he had just helped her with a minor back pain issue, she still was not too sure about his ability to make the migraines either stop altogether or lessen considerably. He showed her on a chart why chiropractic care would help, and she decided to try it. The end result is that he was right. Since she started seeing him for her migraine issues, she has not had a single one, which is nothing short of a miracle for her. That is why when I finally had my first migraine, she insisted that I go to see her chiropractor too!